Pluspuu dealer is an entrepreneur who organizes marketing and sales in his area. He also provides turn-key construction and design services for his clients.

The demand of Pluspuu houses has grown immensely around the world. Thanks goes to architectural publications such as Archdaily and Dwell that have praised the design of the houses. Therefore we are now looking for new dealers around the world, especially from the U.S. and Canada. If interested to became a Pluspuu dealer, please fill in your details below.

The main reasons to become a Pluspuu dealer

• High-quality log houses and cabins

• Made from Finnish solid wood

• Well-designed and stylish models (Easy-to-sell)

• Growing demand and desired brand

• Over 13 000 social media follower on Facebook and Instagram

• Lots of website visitors

• Good marketing materials

• Lots of coverage on architectural press

We are looking for experienced sellers

Do you have any experience in real estate, construction, design, sales or marketing related business? ? Or do you have contacts for professional contractors who could build the houses turn key? Please tell us more about yourself and your ideas.

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Markku Miettinen