We use only the best building materials in our houses and Scandinavian wood is just that.

Finland is part of Scandinavia. In Finland’s clean forests, pine and spruce grow slowly because of the harsh weather conditions. Trees’ growth period in one year is only 3 months, which means that the tree grows slow and becomes durable.

During nearly 100 years of growth, the wood is toughened in hard frost, rain and storms. This makes Scandinavian and Finnish wood extremely durable, safe and healthy building material for wood houses. And this is why it is ideal for Pluspuu’s high-quality log houses. The oldest log buildings in Finland are more than 500 years old.

Ecological building material

Wood is 100% a product of nature. It’s undoubtedly the most ecological and sustainable building material and using it distinctly reduces carbon dioxide emissions. The production of a wood home consumes less fossil fuels compared to other materials, and the wood waste that emerges as a side product can be further recycled for energy production.

The amount of trees in Finnish forests increases every year. Annual fellings have for a long time been smaller than growth.

And did you know, Finland is the most forested country in Europe. Forests cover 75 percent of Finland’s geographical area.

Finnish wood is the best building material for healthy house.
Wooden environments reduce stress.

Wood is good for your well-being

We spend as much as 90% of our time indoors, which makes indoor air quality especially important. Wooden frames absorb and give out humidity, balancing the indoor air humidity level throughout the year.

In a wooden home you find it easy to breathe, you feel better and stay healthy. Wood is also antiseptic, so it has good properties to prevent allergies and asthma.

Wood has soothing properties and it works well acoustically. It absorbs sounds and creates a calming, relaxing atmosphere. Studies have shown that environments with wooden structures lower blood pressure and heart rate and induce feelings of relaxation. Wooden environments reduce stress in our ever busy lives. just like walking in the woods.

Many public buildings such as schools, kindergartens and health centers in Finland are built of solid wood (logs) because of the positive health effects of wood.

Piece of nature always with you

Whether you live in the city center or in the peaceful countryside, in a wooden house you always have a piece of nature with you.

“We constructed a Pluspuu house in 2016 and were extremely satisfied with the design and construction process.

Our house has fulfilled all our expectations and it is our peaceful haven where we spend quality time with family and friends.”
–Petra and Timo Palmula

Strong structures

Well-build and strong log houses needs also strong structures. Read more about Pluspuu log house structures.