The clean-lined Jurmo is a prime example of no-frills Scandinavian elegance. Excellent spatial design combined with large windows and terraces make the surroundings an integral part of the interior. The covered house-end terrace is an ideal place for a barbecue or for use as a summer kitchen with ample room for a table and chairs.

Lataa virtuaalimalli

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Jurmo 88

Floor area 87,5 m2
Living area 80 m2
Volume 270 m3

Jurmo 79

Floor area 78,5 m2
Living area 71 m2
Volume 270 m3

Jurmo 77 loft

Floor area 76,0 m2
Living area 66,5 m2
Volume 280 m3

Jurmo 76

Floor area 75,5 m2
Living area 68,5 m2
Volume 270 m3

Jurmo 73

Floor area
72 m2
Living area
64 m2
Volume 270 m3

Jurmo 60

Floor area 60 m2
Living area 53,5 m2
Volume 206 m3