Nauvo is a modern chalet with a monopitch roof. High windows and large living areas complete with an island kitchen create a perfect setting for holiday-making. Even the sauna steam room is provided with a panorama window. Direct access from the sauna section to a covered cooling-off terrace.

Added convenience is offered by an external summer kitchen at one end of the terrace.

A compact chalet with two or three bedrooms.

Lataa virtuaalimalli

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Nauvo 122

Floor area 121,5 m2
Living area 110,5 m2
Volume 315 m3

Nauvo 116

Floor area 116 m2
Living area 106 m2
Volume 400 m3

Nauvo 99

Floor area 99,5 m2
Living area 90,0 m2
Volume 325 m3

Nauvo 96

Floor area 96 m2
Living area 87 m2
Volume 330 m3