The modern Kustavi with monopitch roof and high windows and ceilings is a real gem if you want to enjoy the scenery. The master bedroom is provided with a high panorama window or, alternatively, a sliding door. Two covered terraces give added functionality.

There is direct access from the sauna section to the interior and out to the terrace. Easily convertible to a permanent residence with minor modifications.

Lataa virtuaalimalli

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Kustavi 126

Floor area 125,5 m2
Living area 114,5 m2
Volume 450 m3

Kustavi 125

Floor area 124,5 m2
Living area 114 m2
Volume 455 m3

Kustavi 120 RoofDeck

Floor area 119,5 m2
Living area 119 m2
Volume 470 m3

Kustavi 119

Floor area 118,5 m2
Living area 109 m2
Volume 440 m3

Kustavi 108

Floor area 108,0 m2
Living area 99,5 m2
Volume 310 m3

Kustavi 99

Floor area 99 m2
Living area 90 m2
Volume 260 m3